V-Rings, also known as V-Seals or Face Seals, are unique all-rubber axial seals without any metal or fabric reinforcement mainly used as secondary sealing element for rotating shafts and bearings. V-rings can be used as a single seal to prevent dirt, dust, water and other aggressive media from entering into the bearing housings and as a secondary front seal in combination with other types of seals such as a rotary shaft seal to protect the primary sealing element. V-ring seals are available in four standard designs (VA, VS, VL and VE) and in a wide range of sizes (for shafts diameters from 2,7mm to over 2000mm) to satisfy the requirements of most applications. V-ring seals are usually supplied in nitrile rubber (NBR), but they can be supplied on request also in fluoro rubber (FKM, FPM, Viton) for those applications where higher temperatures are reached.