Seals and gaskets sets consist of a variety of different seals, gaskets, fasteners and other associated engineering parts, conveniently placed together in a useful and functional kit. In order to keep all the components easily accessible and ready to use whenever needed, all our sets contain the most used seals and gaskets combined in professional, efficiently organised and portable packages. We can provide either standard kits particularly designed for extensive use or fully customisable sets specifically designed to suit customers' individual tailored needs. All the parts contained in the sets are selected from our complete range of seals, gaskets, fasteners and other related miscellaneous components. A versatile selection of kits is available from our stock at all times, containing a variety of the most commonly used seals and gaskets. All our kits can also be customised as required and personalised to your business by the inclusion of company logos, bespoke graphics and customised texts. Please get in touch with us for further details.